AR37 endophyte on your farm

AR37 endophyte really does provide the answer to establishing strong and persistent ryegrass pasture, and better production on your farm. When you’re renovating, simply specify one of the ryegrass cultivars with AR37 endophyte when ordering your pasture seed from your local seed retailer.

Which ryegrass cultivars have AR37?

Base AR37 – Australian bred under tough conditions
  • Bred in Australia from drought surviving plants
  • Excellent late season quality feed
  • Very high tiller density and high dry matter production
Halo AR37 – Optimum quality all-year-round
  • Very late heading date
  • Good tiller density
  • Strong year round growth
Excess AR37 – The cool season performer
  • Excellent dry matter production at key times
  • Diploid with Mid-season maturity
  • Low aftermath heading for improved late season quality
Ohau AR37 – Quality tetraploid ryegrass
  • High yielding ryegrass
  • Very strong cool-season production
  • Mid-late heading ryegrass
Expo AR37 – Bred for increased palatability
  • Excellent late season quality
  • Higher levels of water soluble carbohydrates (sugars)
  • Very high tiller density
One50 AR37 – Outstanding in the field
  • Long season, high yielding production
  • Outstanding summer, autumn and winter production
  • High quality late feed
   Lush 1
Lush AR37 –  First tetraploid Italian ryegrass with AR37 endophyte
  • Quick to establish 
  • Excellent rust tolerance 
  • High quality feed throughout the growing season
Prospect AR37 – Versatile performer
  • A dense, fine leaved cultivar
  • Strong year round performer
  • High total production